Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid feat. Opira Morise Kato – Moondog

Published on January 17, 2014 by Evert Aalten

Scandal Studios – Ugandan Recordings

The Canadian/Dutch band ‘Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid’ (consisting of Lori McKenzie, Ingmar Spaaij and Evert Aalten) perform their song ‘Moondog’ together with electrical adungu artist Opira Morise Kato from Uganda.

Lori McKenzie: “Moondog is a beacon of hope in the dead of night. He exists alongside the sundog, a phenomenon in which bright reflections of the sun upon ice crystals are visible on either side of it, creating the illusion of two or three suns. A moondog is a much rarer occurence. His light is much paler, and more suited to gently urge the frightened shadows to step out into the light and face the world. We all have shadows within us, and I think it might be good for them to stop hiding. If we get a chance to look at them, they might surprise us with a few smooth sides among their rough edges.”

* Production: Evert Daniel Aalten
Camera: Karin van Bemmel & Jos van Bemmel


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