Evert Aalten


“Evert is a treasure-digger, a sort of archeologist in search of special music. As an anthropologist he worked out a system in which he is able to capture that.” –Mathijn den Duijf

I am a keyboard/guitar player, teacher, studio-engineer and producer at Scandal Studios with a strong preference for vintage instruments such as a Hammond organ, a pimped up Wurlitzer and a good old Fender Rhodes. My love of vintage sound is apparent in my recordings and the way in which I record. I like a full, authentic sound, and the best way to achieve that is through dusty machines and vintage equipment. My biggest recording challenge is to capture the feeling within the music and get that on tape. In 1996, I started with a simple four-track cassette recorder, which required a certain amount of inventiveness on my part. I am now the proud owner of professional recording equipment, but my desire to experiment has yet to fade. Nowadays most of my recording is done on location worldwide.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to play in a great variety of bands. At present I work on musical projects such as Alexander McKenzie, Jackie Please, Wandering Songs, Harold K, Delouise, Linda Kreuzen and others. For three months I recorded reggae in Kingston with Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Sly & Robbie, Sugar Minott, Cedric Myton and Kiddus I (among many others). For Boot Recordings I drive around, recording singer/songwriters on a stereo tape deck from the boot of a VW van. From August 2013, I was recording traditional music in the north of Uganda for eight months. I’m working often as soundrecorder for documentaries and as composer of soundtracks.

  • Graduated from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU), Master of Music Production
  • Graduated from Conservatory of Rotterdam (CODARTS), keys
  • Minor ‘Musicology and Ethnomusicology’ at University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Graduated from University of Utrecht (UU), cultural anthropology

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