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De Matthäus Missie van Reinbert de Leeuw
Reinbert de Leeuw
For this documentary about
Reinbert de Leeuw,
I was
assistant engineer for Mark
while recording the
concert of the ‘Matthäus Passie’.


Nodding Syndrome – An illness in the making
Nodding Syndrome – An illness in the making

This documentary was filmed in Uganda together with
Karin van Bemmel, and is based on three years of her
fieldwork. For this film I did sound, mixing, camera &
editing. This full length documentary is released in
March 2017.


Oom Henk
Oom Henk filmposter
For this film I played blues
harp for the soundtrack.


This film features a Dutch band called
“The Blue Bones” that is touring in
Germany. I played the part of Alex,
aka “band member #1.


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