Studio / Field recordings / Documentary



Studio recordings

In my studio in Amersfoort I have the ability to use all my gear. As a schooled keyboard player and studio engineer, I play and record myself or I record others while playing. Also I produce music for artists and for film. Mixing is done with hardware and plugins.


Field recordings

With my Sound Devices 788T, CL-8 mixer and various mic’s I record music on location. As my setup is mobile, I can travel and record anywhere. Mixing is done with hardware and plugins.


With my Sound Devices 788T, CL-8 mixer, Schoeps CMIT & CCM8 in a Cinela blimp with Ambient boompole, dual Audio Ltd. & Sennheiser wireless sets with Sanken Cos-11 radio mic’s and Tentacle timecode, I record on location for documentaries and other media.