Opira Morise Kato – My father’s home

Published on January 18, 2014 by Evert Aalten

Scandal Studios – Ugandan Recordings

Opira sings in Acholi-language and plays on a traditional Ugandan instrument called ‘Adungu’. He made this acoustic instrument into an electrical one. With some built-in pickups (out of an old radio) powered by batteries and two Sony HiFi speakers, he is good to go!

Opira Morise Kato: “This song is about my family. In the past there were a lot of people in this home; my father, his brothers, their wives and the children. God gave my grandfather and grandmother many children, but they don’t stay in this home anymore. Nowadays all the elders have passed away and only the children are left. The ones who are left have to make the best of this home. According to our culture, they need to have a traditional wedding, they need to look for cows, goats, money and other small things.”

* Production: Evert Daniel Aalten
Camera: Karin van Bemmel


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