Okony Tumangu Tim – Ki neko Yuru (They have killed Yuru, a rebel leader)

Published on March 18, 2014 by Evert Aalten

Scandal Studios – Ugandan Recordings

Okony Tumangu Tim literally means ‘Help Tumangu Team’. Tumangu is a small village in Kitgum district in northern Uganda. Most of the thirty-three group members are women. They dance and sing about issues that are important to their community, such as land, sickness and war. Besides the choir and dancers, the group consists of a lead singer, two ladies playing bila and whistle and two drummers.

Okony Tumangu Tim: “In this song we talk about the rebels who abducted many people from their homes and put them in the war during the insurgency in northern Uganda. These people then came back to fight the community. We tell them that their leaders have now been captured or killed. The others should come back home, because their leaders are no longer there. We want them to come back home.”


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